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Castle Rock
Castle Rock

The second season of the anthology series based on the works of Stephen King sets its sights on budding psychopath Annie Wilkes. A feud between warring clans reaches a boil when Wilkes, King's nurse from hell, gets waylaid in Castle Rock while traversing the country with daughter Joy. A car accident leaves the mother-daughter duo temporarily stranded in the Maine town. While there, Annie -- under a different name -- seeks employment at a local hospital, and Joy starts to realize how disturbingly sheltered her upbringing has been.
Based on: Castle Rock; by Stephen King
Network: Hulu
Executive producer(s): J. J. Abrams; Stephen King; Sam Shaw; Dustin Thomason; Ben Stephenson; Mark Lafferty; Liz Glotzer
Genres: Anthology series, Mystery, Science Fiction, Psychological horror, Occult Fiction.
Writers: Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason, Vinnie Wilhelm, Scott Brown, Mark Lafferty
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Castle Rock (Season 1- Episode 1)
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