#EndSARS! 7 points of demand of protesters to President Buhari

Nigerian youth, particularly those fighting for an end to police brutality, corruption and impunity, have highlighted a seven-point demand that must be met by the Presidency.
The list outperforms previous # 5for5 lawsuits, which were previously filed.

More than 13,000 young people have signed a petition on a website (www.change.org) that advocates and empowers citizens around the world to demand civic rights.

In the new # 7for7 list, protesters are demanding institutional reforms, governance costs, constitutional reforms, educational reforms, health reforms, youth issues, and public office reforms.

Read the full statement below


That the five-point lawsuit to release arrested protesters, compensate victims’ families, investigate and process all reports of misconduct, outlaw SARS, and review police welfare be implemented immediately.

However, we believe that the systemic rottenness of the police is widespread in government institutions. Therefore, we urgently demand immediate institutional reform in all institutions, agencies and parastatals of the federal government, especially focused on national security.

The focus will be on improving welfare and terms of service for the police, military and all law enforcement agencies, providing body cameras for operation, renovated homes, health, academic and life insurance policies before and after retirement for ranks. and file staff.

In addition, reforms on the enforcement of laws governing the discipline and prosecution of military men who make mistakes should aim to eliminate all notions of impunity.


We have observed over the years the waste associated with the Nigerian government. We have observed duplication and lack of professionalism in the public administration and at all levels.

We demand an urgent budget framework with 50% capex and 50% recurring spending on the entire appropriation bill.

We demand a drastic reduction in the cost of governance. We also demand that the national assembly be simplified first into a unicameral legislature and further reduced to become a part-time job.

The huge salaries and benefits granted to them by the Tax, Mobilization and Income Allocation Commission (RMAFC) should be kept to a minimum.


There have been several constitutional revisions in which young people are obviously absent. Whether by omission, commission or both, the time has come for an informed and progressive participation of young people.

The Nigerian constitution as it currently exists does not serve all Nigerians. A stronger and more committed constitution designed and approved by all Nigerians will serve the nation.

We demand an urgent referendum within 90 days to begin the line-by-line review, reconstruction and update of the existing constitution to make it more functional for a 21st century nation. The selection process for this referendum will have 50% of young people under the age of 60 nominated by their peers in a transparent, judicious and fair process.

We demand that the terms of citizenship over homelessness and the state of residence be given credit over the state of origin.


· One in five of the world’s out-of-school children is a Nigerian child. Approximately 13.2 million Nigerian children between the ages of 5 and 14 do not go to school. The impact of these numbers will be felt for generations.

· We demand that a state of emergency be declared in the education sector and we demand that the budget allocation to the education sector be increased by 50% and doubled again in the next 24 months. These funds will be used to drive the education sector to provide affordable quality education to all citizens.

· A certain percentage of this allocation should go towards awarding scholarships to outstanding Nigerians without recourse to tribe, religion or gender.

We demand a systemic review in our curriculum and teaching method to upgrade to a digital experience.

We demand that teachers be incentivized to attract the best brains and that they are standardized and professionalized.

· We demand that the parents of any child who does not attend elementary school be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We require that there be an annual Independent External Audit of the allocation of funds and the execution of the project – from government approval to disbursement across the ministry, which would further be used to publish at least an abridged financial statement available digitally to ensure the transparency.


We demand that a state of emergency be declared in the health sector and we demand an increase in the budget allocation to the health sector by 50%

· We demand mandatory health insurance for the vulnerable population in our society, as NHIS is not doing enough to serve all Nigerians. We demand that adequate provisions be put in place to protect the rights and privileges of citizens with physical disabilities in Nigeria.

· We demand urgent attention to mental health and a fund to be set aside to create more professionals.

· We demand urgent attention to mental health and a fund to be set aside to create more professionals.

· We demand the proper implementation of the 2014 National Health Law, including the Fund for the Provision of Basic Health Care).

We require that there be an annual independent external audit of the allocation of funds and the execution of the project – from government approval to disbursement across the ministry, which would further be used to publish at least an abbreviated financial statement available digitally to ensure the transparency.


We have noticed the great advances of Generation Z and Millennials around the world. Many multi-million dollar corporations were founded by both generations. In Nigeria, it is extremely difficult for this to happen. The enabling environment namely, investor and lender confidence, stable interest rate, and manageable inflation are a deficit in our beloved nation.

We demand that a state of emergency be declared in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of National Planning. We demand that this be adequately funded, the sports academy must be renewed.

· We demand the creation of Youth development funds dedicated to the growth of creative industries and agriculture.

· We demand that the Not Too Young to Work bill be expanded to include: 50% inclusion of youth under 40 in all government cabinets.

· We require the FCC to oversee youth inclusion as it currently oversees state inclusion and the NCDMB and other stakeholders are involved in this action to protect our future.


· We demand reforms to the code of conduct so that all elected public officials have them and their children use ONLY public schools and public hospitals. The violation of which is accusation and immediate revocation.

We demand the immediate elimination of the immunity clause for holders of public office so that they can be held accountable for investigations at all times when and where necessary.

· We demand the immediate resignation of any public official found guilty of any form of crime and corruption is also set aside during the investigation.

· Implementation of the complete digitalization of the judicial process, prison decongestion reforms, with reforms drawn from past projects such as the Uwais Report, Keyamo’s ministerial review direction, strict time limits for the determination of industry litigation, etc.

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